In 1997 Graduated from Tel Hai College – Film Studies and received a scholarship for excellence.

From 2000 she started working in the Israeli TV as an editor for

niche programs such as “Tik Tikshort”, “Women Talks” and promos director for cable TV.

She worked in various production roles, but chose to be an editor.

Edited several documentary films:

“Only God can” – Gadi Aisen, Channel Yes Doco

“Noam way” – Onil Brosh Director, by Rabinovich Foundation.

“Yossi toast” – Michal Tal Vremus Director, Channel 8           

“3 Peaks” – Gilad Reshef Director,  Channel  10  


From 2007 started working as a director as well and did short film like behind the scenes of feature films and video clips.

At 2012 moved to Berlin and continue working as a Filmmaker for Newspaper and collaboration with artists

on video art and clips. Also worked on her own videos and films.

In 2017 she came back to Israel with her first feature documentary film “Joseph & Josephine” that screened in Haifa film festival.

Currently working in Israeli TV as an editor and on two new documentary films, one for Arte TV